ANSI guidelines updated

​ANSI guidelines have been updated with below information:
- 830 v2002 -> BFR segment value included (BFR04/675: 'SH' - Shipment Based)
- 830 v3020/4010 -> BFR segment value included (BFR04/675: 'SH' - Shipment Based)

Welcome to Grupo Antolin EDI Documentation site

Here you will have access to the Documentation related to EDI for Suppliers where is included the specifications for messages and communications.

Ø  NEWS: News related to EDI & B2B. Updates, Follow Up…

Ø  EDI DOCUMENTATION: This site is divided in 4 sections:

v  GRUPO ANTOLIN: EDI Documentation and EDI form for plants with Business Units (Overheads, Doors, Seating and Lighting)

v  INTERIORS NAFTA: EDI Documentation Business Unit Cockpits and Interior Trim, Trim in NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)

v  INTERIORS EUROPE: EDI Documentation Business Unit Cockpits and Interior Trim in Europe.

v  webEDI: There are two folders:

·        B2B Conecta (Minsait): In case a supplier has not EDI capability, Minsait by INDRA company offers their webEDI B2B Conecta which is validated with Grupo Antolin EDI requirements.

·        webEDI (Infor Supplier Exchange): This system is available just if the divisions are listed in file “webEDI Divisions List”. In this folder there is the documentation by language about how manage this system.

Ø  CONTACT US: Contact data in case of questions, doubts…

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